Meet Adam Musgrave

President, Shore Systems Group

As President of Shore Systems Group L.L.C., Adam Musgrave leads a group of dedicated deep foundation professionals. With a unique vision on customer service, Adam started his career as a laborer and worked his way up to CEO of Disposal Systems Inc. (DSI). He has been working with many major clients throughout the retail oil industry for 20 years while still keeping in mind the needs of residential clients and continues to provide them the professional and personal service they deserve. In 2013 Adam felt that the services being provided by some subcontractors was not up to the standards he expected and decided to open Helical & Structural Systems LLC (HSS) a division for Helical Pile and foundation installation to help service our very sensitive clients with the highest expectations. In 2015 after 20 years of service with DSI Adam had the opportunity to take on the entire work force and acquire the equipment from company he had worked closely with for more than 15 years providing these services; HSS was later rebranded to Shore Systems Group L.L.C. As President, Adam enjoys investing in his employees – providing motivation, further training opportunities, and suitable challenges to encourage growth of the company and its greatest assets – Shore employees.

About Shore Systems Group LLC

Shore Systems Group (Shore) is a specialty pile driving and environmental contracting company servicing the Tri-State and the greater Northeast. Shore focuses on both residential and commercial work specializing in Helical Pile and Micropile installation. Shore Systems Group relies on CHANCE helical piles and Hubbell Power Systems, and is a founding member of the Guild of Professional Helical Pier Installers.