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You need clean water

Groundwater Treatment 1

Pollutants can seep into the ground just like rain does. When pollutants reach an aquifer, it contaminates the water supply. All sorts of chemicals can soak deep underground.

Several issues can happen when pollutants get mixed into the groundwater. Groundwater treatment aims to remove contaminants so that groundwater can be used safely.

Our Water Treatment System

RP4200 Picture

Our groundwater treatment system is comprised of an oil water separator, three sediment filters, and two 500 lb carbon vessels. The system is used to filter out contaminates, oil, and other debris from the ground water. After the water is treated, it is discharged to a local storm drain via an On Scene Coordinator Discharge permit issued by the NJDEP.

Water Removal On Site


Depending on the soil conditions, groundwater depth, dig depth and other site conditions, our team can come up with a solution to remove water from your site.

  • If the excavation is going well into the water table, or the groundwater recovers quickly, then a multipoint system would be more effective in drawing out the water table down along the perimeter of the excavation.
  • If the excavation is smaller or isn’t penetrating the water by much, then sump pits can be installed as a more cost-effective method.