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Why Deal With Mold?


Besides the odor, mold affects the state of your home. Mold can cause both structural and health issues to your family. If you notice a mold growth or if a family member seems to have an unexplained respiratory problem, you might want to consider mold investigation and removal.

Finding Mold In Your Home


Mold spores are found in the air everywhere. Let Shore determine whether or not the spore counts in your home are elevated by completing a spore trap analysis. Our team will collect one sample from outside the property to compare the types of spores and concentrations to the samples taken inside the house to determine if there may be a mold problem inside your home.

Mold Removal Process


Our professionals follow a specific process to target the problem directly. Often, the mold is the result of a water leak or moisture problem. If we identify excess moisture, it will need to be addressed in order to reduce the chances of the mold returning.

From there we can determine the best solution, whether it is outright removal or thorough treatment of the affected areas. Our expert team follows the most advanced techniques for effective removal that is safe for your home.