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Soil Ivest 2

Shore Systems Group has you covered from the ground up – we’ve been the clear choice in environmental investigation for years, and our state of the art tools like ground penetrating radar give our clients the cutting edge advantage. We are certified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for all environmental investigation and monitoring.

  • The extent of potential contamination.
  • The source of contamination.
  • Whether or not contaminated soils are impacting groundwater.
  • We conduct soil samples for tank closure with the NJDEP.


GW Invest 2

There are many reasons why a property may get contaminated. Shore offers complete groundwater monitoring and investigation services, for both commercial and residential sites.

  • Permanent monitoring well installation
  • Temporary monitoring well installation
  • Property and area investigations
  • Groundwater modeling

Temporary monitoring wells enable our scientists to determine the quality of your groundwater, the horizontal and vertical extent of any potential contamination, and potential contamination sources. Permanent monitoring wells offer long-term monitoring of your groundwater and can serve as remedial tools, should any contaminants be encountered. We also utilizes databases, geographic information systems (GIS), and groundwater modeling tools to determine your groundwater flow, velocity, hydraulic gradient, and plume movement. Our experience in hydro geologic data calculation could be the difference between an expensive long-term remedial strategy or a cost effective short-term solution.