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Soil Remediation

Remediation 3

Shore Systems Group has the methods and equipment to cover any soil excavation project – and our years of experience doesn’t hurt either. Our in-house team takes care of the entire process – starting with the delineations, soil remediation field work, and communications with the NJDEP (New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection).

Groundwater Remediation

Groundwater Treatment 1

We don’t take groundwater for granted. From human activities or natural cases, the quality and cleanliness of this important resource can become compromised. We own a full groundwater treatment system. Our in-house team handles everything from sump to multi-point groundwater treatment systems and sampling.

Air Monitoring/Remediation

Air Remediation

The air around you is part of your environment as well. We can help you determine the quality of your air by collecting an outdoor air sample, and comparing it to an indoor sample. This is primarily used to test for the existence of a microbial infestation. On top of that, we can use this method to test for a variety of different types of contamination.