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Better to be Safe and on Solid Ground

Safe, secure solutions are always our first concern. Which is why we recommend our pile load testing services prior to foundation design. This method of testing is the most definitive way to determine load capacity of a pile, and offers critical data to engineers for determining the optimum helical pile foundation. It also allows for site-specific correlation between load capacity and installing torque. We generally run the following load tests:

ASTM D-1143 Static Test

ASTM D-1143 Static Load Test

We believe the latest revision of the ASTM D-1143, Standard Test for Piles Under Static Axial Compressive Load Method should be used. It’s applicable to all types of deep foundations that function similar to piles, regardless of how they’re installed. This test doesn’t specify a particular method; instead it provides several optional methods.

  • This test measures the axial deflection of a vertical or inclined deep foundation when loaded in static axial compression.
  • Results can also provide information used to assess the distribution of side shear resistance along the pile shaft and the long term load-deflection behavior.
  • A foundation designer may review the test results to determine whether or not the piles have an ultimate static capacity to support a specific foundation.

ASTM D-3966 Lateral Test

ASTM D-3966 Lateral Load Test
  • This test provides the most reliable relationship between the lateral load applied to a deep foundation and the resulting lateral movement.
  • Results can also be used to determine and assess the distribution of the lateral resistance along the pile shaft, as well as the long-term load-deflection behavior.
  • A foundation designer can review the results to determine whether or not the piles have a satisfactory ultimate lateral capacity.

ASTM D-4945 Dynamic Test

ASTM D-4945 Dynamic Load Test

This test method confirms both the velocity and the force induced in a pile during an axial impact. The engineer can review the acquired data to determine satisfactory safety standards for:

  • The integrity of the pile.
  • The overall performance of the impact system.

Where practical, the load test pile, installation equipment and installation procedure should be identical to those intended for production piles. To be safe, piles should also be loaded to at least two times the load capacity, preferably to failure. Shore performs load tests for a variety of foundations. We take safety seriously for you, your clients and our team.