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Micropiles Soil Remediation

Mini-Piles Soil Remediation


Environmental clean-up at large car dealership. Extensive structural support into bedrock needed for deep excavation of contaminated soils.

The project’s original design was to use Helical Pull Down Micro-piles with 6″ steel casing. Ultimately, the geology dictated a switch to concrete micropiles. Shore in-house capacity guided a seamless switch between the two approaches.


Soil Remediation Strategy and Action

Strategy and Action

Using their minimal access COMACCHIO MC 400P drill rig and Mitsubishi over burden system air-rotary hammer, Shore installed thirteen 5.5″ concrete micropiles, reinforced with 1.5″ centralizer bar, to a depth of 20ft below grade (6 ft into rock) and extending some piles to 36ft overall.



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