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Residential Soil Stabilization | Pennsgrove, NJ

Residential Soil Stabilization


There was a massive oil plume from a leaking heating oil tank under the house. In addition, the job presented a tight and challenging work space and a neighbor’s property line close by.


Soil Stabilization strategy and action

Strategy and Action

Support the complete home, allowing deep excavation of the contaminated soils. Plus, reinforce the neighboring home from soil erosion during the clean up.

Shore secured the complete structure with 33 SS-5, 4″ cased, helical pull down micro-piles. Next, Shore built a lagging wall, using 8 “soldier” piles, the SS-175 with 10″/12″/14″ helical configuration plus 6″ steel casings.

This wall secured the neighbor’s house by preventing any soil from rotating out from underneath the structure.


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